Multifunctional 5PCS Folding Cutter Chopping Board Box Kitchen Knife Set

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5PCS Folding Cutter Chopping Board is including a chopping board, a chef knife, a fruit knife, a grater and a scissor. It is very useful in your kithen.

  • 5PCS Folding Cutter Chopping Board: It can contain kitchen knife. When it opens, you can cut foods on it.
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    Items of 5pcs Size Weight Thickness Material
    Folding chopping board 252*195*26mm 468g 26mm PP+TPR
    Opening chopping board 375*252*22mm 468g 22mm PP+TPR
    Kitchen knife 255*43mm 77g 1.2mm PP+2CR13
    Fruit knife 155*16mm 15g 1.0mm PP+2CR13
    Kitchen scissors 183*75mm 66g 2.0mm 2CR13+TPR
    Grater 64*60*13mm 11g 0.6mm PP+430

    This folding board has a full range of functions, such as cutting fruit when folding, cutting meat when unfolding, etc. There are choppers, kitchen knives, kitchen scissors, fruit knives, melon planer, so that you can enjoy the fun of life

    1. After using the cutter, please clean it with water, then dry it with towel and put it in the ventilated and dry knife seat
    2. Keep away from corrosive substances, high temperature and open fire
    3. Do not touch the blade with your hands. Keep a proper distance from your body when using the knife to avoid accidental injury to yourself.
    4. Please place the food on the cutting board and do not cut hard food on the it with a bone knife
    5. The knife can only be used for cutting food, and can not be used as other tools, so as to avoid damage to the knife or accidental injury to yourself
    6 please keep the knife away from children






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