How to maintain the meat grinder daily?

The meat grinder is a meat processing enterprise that divides the raw meat according to different technological requirements during the production process.
Process granular meat fillings of different specifications so as to be fully mixed with other auxiliary materials to meet the requirements
Demand for different products.
The meat grinder is a series of products; it uses the shearing action formed by the rotating cutting blade and the perforated blade on the orifice to cut the raw meat, and under the action of the screw extrusion force, the raw material is continuously discharged out of the machine. According to the material properties and processing requirements, the corresponding cutters and orifice plates can be configured to process particles of different sizes to meet the process requirements of the next process.

Features of meat grinder
It is made of high-quality (cast iron) or stainless steel, no pollution to processed materials, and meets food hygiene standards. After special heat treatment, the tool has excellent wear resistance and long service life. The machine is simple to operate, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, and has a wide range of processed products. After the materials are processed, they can well maintain their original various nutrients and have good fresh-keeping effects. The cutter can be adjusted or replaced at will according to actual use requirements.
Routine maintenance of meat grinder
Refueling problem
1. Under normal use of the meat grinder, there is no need to refuel within one year;
2. The lubricating oil of the meat grinder is butter;
3. Oil filling hole position: One bolt hole at the back of the two bolt holes on the top of the fuselage (the direction away from the minced meat parts) can facilitate oil filling (be sure to add butter, not liquid oil).
The chassis of the meat grinder does not need to be maintained under normal conditions, mainly for waterproofing and protecting the power cord, avoiding damage to the power cord, and cleaning it. Routine maintenance of meat grinder parts: after each use, the meat grinder tee, screw, blade orifice plate, etc. need to be disassembled, and the residues are removed and then reinstalled in the original order. The purpose of this is to ensure the sanitation of the machine and processed food on the one hand, and on the other hand to ensure that the meat grinder parts are flexible in disassembly and assembly, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. The blades and orifice plates are vulnerable parts and may need to be replaced after a period of use.

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Post time: Apr-08-2021

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