China Factory Big Capacity 304 Vacuum Insulated Lunch Box Thermos Food Carrier

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Vacuum lunch box has excellent insulation effect, the time of insulation reach more than 12hours. It will make you have a hot meal whenever you are.

  • Big Capacity 304 Thermos Food Carrier: With the high-tech vacuum technology, it can keep warm about one day. No matter how cold weather, you can eat hot meal.
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    The stainless steel insulated lunch box is generally a container made of double-layer stainless steel plus vacuum layer or thermal insulation layer, which is tightly sealed and has a lunch box cover on the top. Among them, the vacuum layer or heat insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of the food installed inside, so that the heat preservation lunch box can achieve the purpose of heat preservation.
    With the application of high-tech vacuum technology, the double-layer high-quality 304 stainless steel internal vacuum treatment can effectively block the heat source and achieve the effect of heat preservation. The design is more user-friendly, usually designed into three or four layers. The lunch boxes and soup boxes with higher temperature need to be placed under the heat preservation barrel, and then the heat insulation board is covered in the middle, and then the vegetable boxes are placed on the top, which can not only bring you the best heat preservation effect, but also make your food and drink longer and fresher.
    The following features of stainless steel insulated lunch box:
    1. Easy to clean. Stainless steel lunch box is not as sticky as plastic. It is easy to clean with warm water or detergent.
    2. Good heat preservation. The heat preservation of stainless steel lunch box is better than other materials, and the heat dissipation speed is slow.
    3. The appearance is simple and beautiful. Stainless steel insulated lunch boxes are all silver metal shell, look cool and tall, simple is also a kind of beauty.
    4. Three layers of separation, keep the original taste- two layers of food compartment, the pot body can be filled with hot soup

    Description: Vacuum Insulated Lunch box No. Lb35
    Material: 304 Stainless steel
    Size: 2.2L/2.8L, Height22/25cm*Wide15.5cm
    Thickness: 0.35mm
    Packing: 60pcs/ctn
    Carton Size: 55*40*35cm


    1. Superior insulation performance technology.
    2. Double wall structure stainless steel lunch box can keep food warm.
    3. The stainless steel lunch box is rust-resistance, resists corrosion, health non-toxic, durable, food safty,          healthy food container.
    4. Easy to takeaway,suitable for office, school and so on.

    Production capacity

    At present, we ship more than 8-10 containers every month. And the annual production capacity was evaluated as: 600 containers.
    The pictures for shipment and production listed as below:

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