Multi-Functional Antiskid Silicone Egg Bowl and Basin Vegetable Cutter Cake Baking Tool

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Multi-Functional Antiskid Egg Basin has many functions, it not only can be used to knead dough, whip cream, beat eggs but also wash all kinds of vegetables.

  • Multi-Functional Antiskid Egg Basin: There are many kinds of specification to choose, which can meet you different requests.
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    Multi-functional Antiskid Egg Bowl is made of food grade S/S304 and silica gel. It can be used to knead dough, whip cream, beat eggs and wash all kinds of vegetables. The eagle mouth design is conducive to the directional outflow of liquid, which can release energy and collect the liquid without adhering to the outer wall of the basin, because its interior adopts mirror polishing, which is easy to clean and does not contain dirt. Anti slip silicone design at the bottom is not easy to slide. Silicone handle design is easy to handle with one hand. In addition, there are three types of slicing methods, suitable for potatoes, radish, cucumber, lettuce and other food materials


    16CM 17.3CM 10CM 10CM 1.5L
    18CM 19.0CM 11CM 11CM 2.0L
    20CM 21.0CM 12CM 12CM 3.0L
    22CM 22.7CM 13CM 12.5CM 4.0L
    24CM 25.0CM 14CM 13.5CM 5.0L




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