China Factory Multi-functional Electric Fruit Peeling Machine Potato Apple Peeler

Short Description:

Electric Fruit peeler is made out of food grade material. If you have it, you can free your hands. And it is easy to peel apple, pear, potato and so on.

  • Electric Fruit peeler: When you just press the buttom, the skin of vegetables and fruits can be peeled automatically
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    Item Name Electric fruit peeler
    Material Stainless steel+ABS+POM
    Item Size 15x14x28cm
    Weight 443g
    Color Box Size 15x15x28.8cm
    Color Red/Green/Black/White or Custom
    Logo imprint Customized. Different printing methods available, like: silk screen printing

    One set contains three blades, one on the machine body. Two spare blades are presented at the bottom of the machine. Power adapter is not included. If you need power adapter, you can buy it separately.

    The usage: plug in the power or put in four No. 5 batteries, fix the fruits or vegetables up and down, press the red button, and the machine will start peeling automatically.

    Note: the machine is suitable for potatoes, apples, pears (head and tail 2-3cm can not be cut) and other hard skin and smooth surface vegetables and fruits. Potatoes or fruits with unsmooth surface, you can dig out the ears at the bottom of the machine and then cut them. The fruit diameter should be controlled at 5cm-10cm, the height should be 5cm-15cm, and the peeled skin should be about 1mm






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