What kind of bucket is better?

What’s a good material for the rice bucket?
1. Solid wood rice bucket
The wooden rice bucket is durable, does not rust, is also very safe and healthy, is very popular in the market. No matter in practicality or appearance, wooden rice bucket has relative advantages. To achieve the best of both practical value and appreciation value, wooden rice bucket is a good choice.
At present, the main wooden rice buckets on the market are rubber, Acacia and sabili. The grain of rubber rice bucket is clear, the texture is even, the color is soft and smooth, the wear resistance is good, it is insect proof and durable. The material of Acacia rice bucket has the medicinal property of natural sterilization. The wood is hard and has a long storage life. It is the first choice for health home. Shabili rice bucket is a kind of wooden bucket belonging to the people and nobles. Its surface is reddish brown, highlighting the grade. Its structure is fine to uniform, and the material is soft, which is suitable for shaping. It can create a perfect and noble art, and is a good gift for relatives and friends.
Advantages: the concept of environmental protection, is a natural and fresh household goods; durable, will not rust, safe and healthy.
Disadvantages: to a certain extent, the edible wood products are the performance of destroying the nature; they are not waterproof, easy to mold, and the wood itself has moisture. If the wood is swollen for a long time, the structure will be damaged and easy to mold; the wear resistance is poor, and the wood products are not very wear-resistant and easy to damage compared with other products; the processing materials are toxic, and the tung tree rice is on the market Boxes or oak rice boxes are pasted with glue, which will release toxic gases such as Industrial formaldehyde.
2. Stainless steel rice bucket
Stainless steel is a popular material of rice barrel, which is widely used in the cupboard and rice box. Stainless steel rice bucket is suitable for the kitchen in bright color. Under sufficient light source, it can perfectly integrate into the kitchen and decorate the home environment.
Advantages: high tech products, waterproof, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, durable, long service life, high-grade appearance.
Disadvantages: if the quality is not up to standard, it will release heavy metals, harmful to the body.
3. Plastic rice bucket
Plastic rice bucket is the most common rice bucket in the market, but we should pay attention to the material of plastic rice bucket. Not all plastic buckets can be used to make rice bucket. Polyethylene, polypropylene and other materials are safe and hygienic. If there is a plastic bucket at home, in order to ensure safety and hygiene, when using it as a rice bucket, you should know what the plastic bucket is used for.
Advantages: simple household products, light weight, easy to carry; cheap and affordable, plastic in all materials of rice bucket is a relatively low price; waterproof, plastic has the characteristics of natural waterproof, even if it is put in the place with water splashing, do not worry about the impact of rice.
Disadvantages: easy aging, the material will become brittle after aging, easy to damage, not durable; corrosion resistance is not strong, not heat-resistant, will release toxins in case of heat, harm health.
4. Ceramic and glass rice bucket
Ceramics and glass are more traditional rice materials.
Advantages: waterproof, heat-resistant, traditional and beautiful appearance, antique ceramic rice bucket.
Disadvantages: easy to break, inconvenient to use; style difficult to match, difficult to match with modern kitchen; ceramic rice bucket bulky, large volume.
5. Bamboo, wooden barrel
Then there are bamboo and wooden buckets. These materials are durable, rust free, safe and healthy, so they are very popular. But the disadvantage is that the weight is large, and it is easy to be affected by damp, insects and mildew. Sometimes the rice is not moldy, and the barrel is moldy. It should be avoided in wet areas.
Advantages: concept of environmental protection, natural wood products concept of environmental protection, give a natural and fresh feeling.
Disadvantages: wood is the product of cutting trees. From a certain point of view, eating wood products is the performance of destroying nature. It is not waterproof. Whether it is Tung wood or oak, if it is wet for a long time, the wood will swell. It is easy to mold. Because the wood has moisture, it is easy to mold when it is wet. It is not wear-resistant, and the wood products are not suitable for other products Wear resistant and easy to wear out; processing materials are toxic. Now the glue is used to paste Tung wood rice box or oak rice box, and the glue is easy to release toxic gases such as Industrial formaldehyde.

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