Good Cook Pure Stainless Steel Tea Spoon,Restaurant China Supplier Portable Cutlery Spoon

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Tea spoon’s handle is long and thin, the capacity of the spoon is small, long handle is to be able to scoop tea in the deep tea tube;The volume of the spoon is small, in order to be able to grasp the amount of tea scooped up.

  • Good Cook Pure Stainless Steel Tea Spoon: With hand polish or machine poslish design, it has high performance.
  • Restaurant China Supplier Portable Cutlery Spoon: Produced by China professional manufacturer, it has high quality with competitive price
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    Tea spoon is made out of 201/304 stainless steel. There are hand polish and machine polish to choose. We can customized logo as your request.

    Knowledge of using stainless steel tableware:
    1: Ingenious cleaning method of stainless steel tableware: cut off the unused carrot head when cooking and bake it on the fire, then use it to wipe the stainless steel tableware, so as not to hurt it
    Surface finish
    2: Advantages of stainless steel tableware products:
    ■ safer:
    *Better mildew resistance: better corrosion resistance
    *More reassuring: better eliminate harmful substances: such as possible harmful ingredients in paint and melamine materials
    ■ easy to clean:
    *To solve the penetration and adhesion of food or dirt in traditional chopsticks, wash with water or wipe with wet paper towel to clean, easy to store and carry
    ■ more durable:
    *More durable and therefore more economical
    ■ more environmentally friendly:
    *As an alternative and upgraded product of traditional chopsticks, it is more conducive to wood conservation and forest protection

    Description: 12g tea spoon
    Material: Stainless steel #410
    weight: 12g
    Packing: Plastic bag with paper card, 100doz/ctn
    Carton Size: 33*25*26cm

    Stainless Steel Dinner Set Tea Spoon (SPT-12G)



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