Why whistling kettle has no sounds? How to handle it?

The principle of whistling kettle

The secret of “whistle kettle” is on the lid. On the inner side of the lid, there is a disc with several reeds on it (below right, similar to the reed in Harmonica). Then, install the disc with the reed on the inner side of the lid, facing the handle of the lid. There are several slits around the handle of the lid, so that the air can flow out of the slit after passing through the reed.
When the water boils, a large amount of water vapor will be produced. These high-pressure water vapor will pass through the reed in the lid, and then rush out from the slit around the lid. When passing through the reed, the reed will vibrate and make a sound. Since the reed is certain, the tone of the whistle is the same no matter how much water is in the pot. In addition, in order to let the steam flow through the reed slit channel as much as possible, there is a cover at the mouth of the pot, which is used to cover the mouth of the pot when boiling water.

Why whistling kettle has no sounds? How to handle it?

1. If the part of the whistle doesn’t ring, it will not affect the “function” of boiling water. Just pay more attention, don’t go away (not far) when boiling water, to prevent the kettle from overflowing due to no one to deal with it after boiling.
2. The whistle function is generally on the lid of the pot, some of which are a “double-layer hole”. The steam after boiling is used to blow out from the hole to produce whistle. Some have a “voice piece” like a harmonica reed under the handle of the pot cover. There are three voice pieces on the top which are the same as the harmonica reed. If the pot is used for a long time, the three voice pieces will no longer sound or be damaged due to scale and other problems, so the electric kettle will not sound when the water is boiling.
3. You can screw off the handle of the pot cover and take off the disc of the voice spring to see if there is scale or rust. If you can handle it, you can fix it and then install it back. You should pay attention to the order and direction of the removal. You can’t reverse the installation of the voice spring, or it won’t ring after the water is boiled.
4. If it doesn’t ring no matter how you deal with it, it may be that the three sounding reeds on the disc are broken (the elasticity or the gap with the square hole of the disc is changed), and they can’t ring any more.

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Post time: Jun-12-2020

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