Which is better, electric meat grinder or manual meat grinder? How to choose a domestic meat grinder?

Electric meat grinder

The domestic electric meat grinder is powered by power supply and uses the rotation of spiral blade to smash the meat. It can not only be used to smash meat, but also to stir a variety of food (carrot, garlic, etc.), can be used as food for infants and the elderly.

Advantages: it adopts fully enclosed gear transmission design, which is flexible, convenient and safe, easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

Disadvantages: due to its fast speed, the meat is often beaten too bad without viscosity, the taste may be poor, and some nutrients are seriously damaged and lost.

Manual meat grinder

The manual meat grinder turns the spiral blades installed inside by hand, and imitates the principle of manual meat chopping. The meat that is put in is ground and mixed evenly. The texture of the minced meat is close to the effect of manual meat chopping. If the pursuit of taste, choose the manual meat grinder.

Advantages: manual meat grinder will not be limited by power, energy saving and environmental protection; because of imitating the principle of manual meat chopping, its taste and nutritional value are relatively good.

Disadvantages: due to manual operation, the meat chopping speed is slow, more laborious and time-consuming, and the meat cut out is not as fine as that of electric meat.

How to choose a domestic meat grinder? 

1. The material should be food grade

Meat grinder as a food production tool, its material must be food grade, plastic must be PP material, stainless steel should be 304 material, and electroplating is easy to oxidize, affecting health. Although plastic is beautiful, it is easy to wear and tear, while stainless steel is relatively rough, but strong and durable.

2. More features, higher utilization

Generally speaking, meat grinder has the following functions: mincing meat, enema, mincing pickles, slicing, shredding, etc. If it has a variety of functions, if not minced meat, it also has a high utilization rate and will not be idle. But pay attention to its every function when buying.

3. Just have enough capacity

The size of the domestic meat grinder does not need to be very large, it will be enough, or it will occupy a lot of space in the home. If the meat is ground in and out, you don’t need to worry about its capacity. You can grind as much meat as you want, and it can’t be divided into several times.

4. The lower the noise, the better

Noise is also a factor to consider, you can ask the business, understand the noise when running. Generally, high-quality meat grinder runs fast, but the noise is not very big. Household noise does not need to be particularly high, generally more than 60 dB noise, it will make people feel particularly noisy.

5. See how easy it is to clean

The domestic meat grinder needs to be cleaned after use, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and smell. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate its easy to clean. It is suggested that the machine with detachable accessories and easy to clean dead corners must not easily hurt hands. After all, safety first.

6. Other purchase points

If you are in a store, you can operate the machine by yourself to get a preliminary understanding of the machine and feel its operating feeling. Flexibility and safety are important. As the meat grinder is a product with cutting tools, it is necessary to pay attention to the improvement of service later, so that the failure can be repaired in time.


Post time: Dec-23-2020

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