What’s the use of multifunctional kitchen scissors?

Sharp and easy to use is the basic accomplishment of a pair of scissors. Kitchen scissors are effortless in cutting chicken, duck, fish and beef.
Kitchen scissors can also open nuts. The middle part of the handle is serrated. You can open walnuts and hazelnuts by gently pressing. Eating nuts saves energy.
Can also open mineral water bottles, using the serrated part of the handle. The serrated fixing can enhance the friction force, and the bottle cap can be opened with a twisting force. After the husband is not at home, do not have to worry about the drink bottle.
Kitchen scissors end of two handles, with special design. One side can open the glass beer bottle cap, without looking for the opener in a hurry.
On the other side of the kitchen scissors, you can open the pull ring of the can. With gentle force, you can hear the sound of “hiss”. You are not afraid to open the bottle and hurt your beautiful nails.
The kitchen scissors can also be turned into two knives. Separate the scissors to the maximum angle until the button clicks into the slot.
The division of labor of the knife is different. The smooth side of the blade can cut fruits and vegetables. The separated blade and the grip with antiskid design can cut quickly and safely.
The sawtooth side of the kitchen scissors can scrape fish scales. It’s delicate, small and sharp. It’s labor-saving and clean.
Another knife has a groove in the middle, which is suitable for peeling the peel of fruit, potato and winter melon.
The kitchen scissors and scissors are used up, which is convenient to store. Its matching magnetic absorption storage bag can be pasted on the refrigerator. When the scissors are used up, put them directly in, and the kitchen will be in order.
Take it with you for a picnic and save space.

Kitchen scissors
1. Handling meat with scissors
Instead of chopping chicken with scissors, it can reduce the time to clean the chopping board and prevent the gravy from splashing everywhere.
2. Using scissors to deal with long strip vegetables such as onion, leek and pepper
Directly use scissors to cut onions, leeks, peppers and other dishes in the soup or cooked, without washing the chopping board and kitchen knife.
3. Processing of food materials for foaming
Can be dried mushroom or dried vermicelli and other ingredients with long foaming time cut into small sections, will shorten the foaming time, can also be directly cooked.
4. Use scissors to deal with seafood, clean and clean
If the shelled shrimps and crabs are treated with a kitchen knife, they are easy to scratch their hands, such as the feet or whiskers of shrimps and other details. They can be handled quickly and neatly with scissors, which is also relatively hygienic.
5. Ready to use kitchen scissors to cut any package
Use scissors to cut the packaging cut clean and flat, especially for powder packaging. If you open the packaging by hand, the powder may splash everywhere because of too much force. It is convenient and clean to use scissors.

Post time: Jan-10-2020

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