What is milk pot? The cleaning methods of milk pot

What is a milk pot?

Milk pot is a kind of small pot with a handle and a deep bottom. Although it is rare in our daily life, it has many uses, especially suitable for boiling milk, soup, sugar water, etc., and its quantity is relatively small, so there is no need to worry about wasting food. However, in the process of using the milk pot, there will inevitably be stains. At this time, pay attention not to use steel wire balls to clean, so as not to damage the surface coating. To use soft tools to clean, such as in the face of more difficult to clean stains, you can use vinegar, salt, onion and other help to clean. Let’s learn the cleaning methods of a milk pot.

How to clean the milk pot?
(1) Soft tools should be used to clean the milk pot to avoid the abrasion of the inner wall of the milk pot. Soak in warm water for a while before cleaning, or use appropriate amount of vinegar to remove milk stains.
(2) Cleaning method after the milk pot is burnt
1. Tomato
Select a few tomatoes that are not very good, put them in the pot and cook them. If the bottom of the pot is burnt slowly, the tomatoes will fall off. Then simply clean them.
2. White vinegar or tea
Pour half a bowl of white vinegar (or some tea leaves) into a charred pot and boil with water for about three or four minutes. After boiling, you can let the pot stand for about five minutes, or you can wait for the water to cool down, at this time, you will find that the burnt part of the whole piece falls off from the pot, and finally you can simply clean it.
3. Beer + liquor
Pour a little white wine and beer into the pot and a little water, mix according to the ratio of 1:1:0.5, cover the pot cover, and place for about 5 minutes, then it is easy to clean it by brushing.
4. Salt
Put the pot on the stove and dry it with a small fire for a while. When the pot is smoking, sprinkle some salt on it, shake it for a minute, then close the fire, and then wipe it with a cleaning ball. It can be cleaned very clean without leaving the bottom or paste.
5. Onion head
There are often burnt milk bars at the bottom of the milk pot, which is very difficult to brush. If you cut some onions and put them in the milk pot to boil, you can get rid of the burnt things. Because the yellow juice from cooking onion has the function of removing coke.


Post time: May-21-2020

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