What are the functions of kitchen scissors?

What are the functions of scissors?
Kitchen scissors are a kind of double-edged tool for cutting meat, vegetables, chicken bones and other foods in the kitchen. They are mostly used to deal with food materials that are difficult to deal with or inconvenient to deal with with with with ordinary knives, such as fish scales, hard nuts, cans and so on
1. Handling meat
It is not only more convenient to use scissors to deal with meat that needs to be chopped with great effort, such as chicken and duck meat, but also to avoid splashing of gravy everywhere and to reduce the time for cleaning the cutting board.
2. Processing long strip vegetables
For onion, leek, pepper and other vegetables in the soup or cooked vegetables, it is not necessary to clean the chopping board and kitchen knife again by directly cutting with scissors. It is also convenient to use, clean and sanitary.
3. Processing of food materials for foaming
Dried mushroom, dried vermicelli, laver and other ingredients that need to be foamed can be cut into small sections with kitchen scissors to shorten the foaming time.
4. Handling seafood
If the shrimp and crab with shell are treated with a kitchen knife, it is easy to scratch their hands, especially the position of shrimp feet or whiskers. The kitchen knife treatment is very inconvenient, and the treatment with scissors is fast, neat and sanitary. Scissors can also be used to scrape scales, very practical.
5. Cut the package
Use kitchen scissors to cut the outer package of food, not only the cut is clean and flat, but also the food inside the package will not splash because of tearing, especially the powder package. If you open the package by hand, the powder may splash everywhere because of too much force. It is convenient and clean to use scissors.

What are the advantages of using kitchen scissors?
Most of the kitchen scissors now belong to multi-functional scissors, with all steel blade, which is very convenient to use. The advantages of kitchen scissors are as follows:
1. Multiple functions
Kitchen scissors can be used to cut the bones of fish and chicken, which not only greatly shortens the preparation time of food materials, but also improves the sales of food materials; in addition, kitchen scissors can also be used to cut fins, scrape scales, break the bore, open walnuts, etc., and can also be used as a fruit knife temporarily by removing half of them.
2. Excellent material
Kitchen scissors are made of food grade stainless steel because they are used to treat food materials. The surface of 3Cr13 stainless steel pipe is processed by grinding, sandblasting, manual polishing and other processes, which is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
3. Easy to clean
Kitchen scissors can usually be separated into two parts. When cleaning, they can be separated and washed. Once they are wiped with a clean cloth, they will be clean and tidy, labor-saving and worry free.

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