Top 10 advantages of corn noodle machine

Abstract: corn noodle machine is a new type of single screw (double screw) food extruder developed on the basis of extrusion machinery. It is mainly used to produce cooked noodles with corn as raw materials, as well as various noodles, spicy strips and rice noodles. Corn noodle machine caters to the modern people’s pursuit of scientific diet, coarse grain, coarse grain, coarse and fine diet fashion. The corn noodle machine is easy to operate and can be produced by 1-2 people. At the same time, it is very suitable for individual, township and city food processing plants. Let’s take a look at the details.
1、 Characteristics of corn noodle machine
The function of corn noodles can meet the multiple functions of making rice noodles, rice cakes, cold noodles and corn noodles at the same time. Its function is to transform mechanical energy into heat energy, expand and extrude the raw materials, and the products can be eaten directly! It takes rice, corn, millet and other grains as the main raw materials for milling and refining. It is convenient for processing. In an instant, steaming cooked rice cake, rice noodles, corn noodles, cold noodles and vermicelli (noodles) can be changed into different molds to produce different shapes. Clean and sanitary operation process, without any pollution or excretion.
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2、 Ten advantages of corn noodle machine
1. The raw material of corn noodle machine is extruded and polymerized. It is cooked out of the machine and formed in one time without cooking.
2. Safety and health: multi functional rice noodles, rice noodles, cold noodles, corn noodles machine mechanical and electrical integration, fully closed production, stable performance, no pollution in the production process, safety and health.
3. High degree of automation: instrument monitoring, simple operation, 1-2 people can produce, screw propulsion, automatic maturity, automatic molding.
4. One machine with multiple uses: it is widely used in all kinds of food containing starch. Rice, flour, corn, buckwheat, sorghum, etc. can be produced. It can not only produce rice flour, rice noodles, vermicelli, Korean cold noodles, beef gluten noodles, rice cakes, corn noodles, all kinds of coarse grain vermicelli, all kinds of noodles, coarse grain noodles and other foods; and the thickness and thickness of each kind of food can be adjusted according to the needs; it can really achieve one machine with multiple purposes.
5. Specifications: such as: round, flat, thick and thin, width, thickness, a variety of customized specifications.
6. It is suitable for individual, township and city food processing factories.
7. A variety of flour products can be fried, boiled, fried, cold mixed or hot pot.
8. A drying device is added to the machine, and the noodles can be dried up to 70%. At the same time, it also increased the function of making empty core corn noodles.
9. The structure is more advanced. The noodles are smooth and smooth without adhesion. Safe and reliable, no noise, no disturbance to the neighborhood.
10. The louver is added in the front and back, so the heat dissipation of the motor is good and the service life is prolonged.

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