Tips for cleaning kitchen appliances

Kitchen is the place with the most lampblack and stains. Therefore, kitchen appliances are easy to be stained with all kinds of stains. In daily life, it must be cleaned and maintained regularly, so that the kitchen electricity will last as long as new and durable. The following small series for you to introduce the range hood, gas stove and disinfection cabinet cleaning and maintenance methods.
Part 1: how to make cooking more comfortable
People who often cook at home will complain that the gas stove is full of oil and all kinds of stains, and the longer the accumulation, the more difficult it is to clean up. For annoying stains, Xiaobian tells you a few tips for cleaning, so that your stove out of the dirty situation.
1. Soap powder helps
Neutral detergent such as soap powder can be used to clean the surface of gas stove, which can be used at the surface and nozzle of gas stove.
2. Nozzle clogging treatment
Nozzle clogging affects the fire, you can use a fine wire to brush away carbides, brush off the dirt with a brush. If the blockage is serious, the steel ball can be found and the nozzle can be removed. Finally, the stains can be removed by washing and wiping at one side.
3. Choose embedded gas stove
The surface materials of gas stoves are mostly stainless steel and white enamel, and there are individual fashionable stove panel type glass panels. The choice of embedded stoves not only makes the kitchen more beautiful and saves space, but also prevents the stains from going deep into the bottom of the stove and is easy to clean.
Part 2: the range hood is clean and durable
Many people complain that the kitchen range hood is easy to break down, in fact, because of the accumulation of excessive oil, so that the life of the range hood is often reduced. The daily cleaning and maintenance of range hood is very important.
1. Do not turn off the range hood immediately after use
Many people turn off the range hood immediately after cooking, thinking it can save electricity. It is generally recommended that the switch should not be turned off immediately after use. It is necessary to let the range hood exhaust the remaining oil and gas, especially the residual oil fume inside the range hood. When the oil and gas is still hot, the oil on the surface can be cleaned.
2. Stubborn oil stain cleaner
The general scroll type range hood can use the structure of the range hood to spray the detergent into the range hood. After a period of time, the switch of the range hood is turned on, and the oil stain is removed by the centrifugal force of the range hood itself.
3. The oil net is often cleaned
The oil net type range hood needs to be often removed, soaked in hot soapy water or water soaked in alkaline detergent for a period of time, and then cleaned with fine wire or rag.
4. Using plastic film
Many people inside the hood oil cup will accumulate a thick layer of oil, a long time difficult to remove. Usually you can wrap the oil cup with plastic film. After the oil cup is full of oil, remove the plastic film and throw it away, which is convenient and can keep the oil cup clean.
Part 3: pay attention to the cleaning of the disinfection cabinet, and do not let the bacteria eat into the mouth
Disinfection cabinet is used to put and clean tableware, if the disinfection cabinet itself has bacteria and dirt, then eat into the mouth is bacteria. Although the disinfection cabinet has the effect of disinfection, if the dirt of the disinfection cabinet itself cannot be removed, some bacteria that are difficult to remove will pass through the tableware and affect the health of family members.
1. The tableware must be dried before entering the cabinet
Although the tableware has been cleaned, it is also necessary to wipe the water vapor on the surface before putting it into the disinfection cabinet, so as to prevent the water on the tableware surface from dripping into the disinfection cabinet, so as to make the disinfection cabinet rusty and reduce the service life of the disinfection cabinet.
2. Wipe frequently with detergent
The surface and interior of disinfection cabinet should be wiped with clean cloth and neutral detergent frequently, because the inner tank, cabinet door and bowl rack of disinfection cabinet are easy to hide dirt. Wipe with detergent first, then dry with dry cloth.
3. Don’t use strong cleaners
Encountered stubborn stains, many people choose to use a strong cleaning agent, which not only can not play a cleaning role, but also easy to damage the disinfection cabinet, so that its surface fade or lose luster. Stubborn stains, you can use a wet cloth with neutral detergent, put it on the surface of the stain, and then wipe it after a period of time.
4. Drainage of water in the inner bladder
No matter the bottom of the cupboard is disinfected, no matter the bottom of the cupboard is disinfected, do not put water into the bottom of the cupboard to disinfect.

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