Stainless steel keep warm lunch box

The lunch box can keep the temperature of the meal. The inner tank can be divided into several types, such as stainless steel inner tank and toughened glass inner tank. Different materials have different heat preservation properties. Vacuum insulation, can be 10 hours, written insulation, can be 24 hours. A professional lunch box for marching troops and fighting. Generally, it is light, small and portable, not easy to rust, in addition, it has strong plasticity, which can avoid the injury of collision to the body; aluminum products can be used as a pot in a special period, in addition, it also has the functions of light and portable, which can reduce the load, generally have thin texture, fast heat conduction, and save fuel. Compared with military metal and iron steel products, it is cheap and suitable for large-scale installation Prepare.

Post time: Feb-20-2020

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