Know More About Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Functions and features:

1: Automatic fast boiling water: high quality automatic combined temperature controller, safe and durable

2: Double safety protection, automatic power-off due to water shortage,

3: The power base and the pot body are designed independently, which can rotate 360 degrees, making it more convenient to use;

4: The body is made of high temperature and impact resistant plastic, which is in line with the national health

5: With power on-off indicator light, whether the work is clear at a glance

6: Adopt neat automatic control to ensure water boiling

7: High power design, fast heating, saving energy, especially suitable for modern family life

8: Hidden type bottom high efficiency stainless steel heating plate heating, sanitary cleaning convenient

Usage: water injection

1: Remove the kettle from the base before filling,

2: Water can be injected through the spout or open the lid, and the appropriate amount of water should be controlled within the specified maximum and minimum scales, and then the lid should be covered

3: To prevent drying out, the water level should not be less than the minimum scale mark of the kettle

4: To prevent benefit, the water level should not exceed the maximum capacity scale

Power on work:

1: Place the kettle in the correct position on the base;

2: Plug the power cord of the base into the power supply;

3: Turn on the handle of the kettle

power failure:

1: When the water is boiled, the kettle will automatically cut off power;

2: At any time, you can turn off the switch by hand, the indicator light will go out and stop heating;

3: When using continuously, please allow the thermostat inside the pot to cool properly. Do not turn on the switch

Please refer to the manual for precautions and maintenance

Usage method

Before the first use or after a long time of use, the kettle should be filled with water to its maximum level, then the water should be boiled once or twice and poured out to clean the pot. Do not drink at this time!

1. Pull up the ring buckle on the pot and lift up the lid to open the lid;

2. After opening the lid, move the kettle away from the power base and fill it with clean water. Pay attention not to exceed its maximum water level. Cover the kettle and place it on the power base. Pay attention to good contact.

3. Plug the power plug into the 220 V AC power supply, press the switch button, the power indicator light will be on, and the kettle will start to heat.

4. After the water boils, the switch will cut off automatically and the power indicator will go out.

5. Lift the kettle away from the power base and pour water for drinking.

Attention: it is strictly forbidden to cook the kettle dry and higher than the maximum water level

Cleaning methods

1. Before cleaning, please unplug the power plug, take the kettle from the base device, and wipe the external surface with degreasing oil or soft detergent to keep it bright and clean (avoid using aggressive and abrasive cleaners to wipe the product).

2. Do not immerse the product in water for cleaning, to avoid water erosion of thermostat and power cord plug.

3. Due to the influence of water quality, calcium carbonate will naturally accumulate in the process of water heating. Scale removal must be carried out regularly

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Post time: Dec-10-2020

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