How to install integrated environmental protection stove?

1. Power reservation: the power supply of the integrated stove cannot be left behind the integrated stove, because the thickness of the socket and plug may make the integrated cooker protrude from the door panel, affect the installation effect and cause dissatisfaction of users. It is safe to leave behind the cabinet or install the socket on the side board of the cabinet. However, it is necessary to communicate with the user about the opening of the back board of the cabinet. The wall behind the integrated stove can not be reserved for socket. Because the glass cover of the integrated stove will cover the socket when it is lifted up, so the socket can not be used.
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2. Air source related design: the intake pipe of the integrated stove can be adjusted to the left and right, but the position is located at the corner of the wall at the bottom of the side. The design should focus on the design of the inlet and exhaust gas of the integrated stove, as well as the convenience of removing the air pipe when maintenance is needed.
(1) In terms of air intake, there should be a switch valve at the gas meter to facilitate the air intake control of the integrated stove.
(2) In terms of air dispersion, ventilation holes can be installed on the skirt near it. Because the integrated stove is directly placed on the ground, if there is gas leakage, it can be divergent in time.
3. Related design of smoke exhaust pipe: the smoke exhaust pipe of the integrated stove is also located at the lower part of the side against the wall. The diameter of the smoke exhaust pipe of the integrated stove is relatively large. The combination of the smoke exhaust pipe and the cabinet and the maintenance and disassembly in the future should be considered in the design. If holes can be drilled directly from the wall, then holes can be drilled in the back of the integrated stove and directly discharged to the outside of the wall. In this way, there is no big influence on the installation of the cabinet, and the maintenance and disassembly are also more convenient. If it is necessary to take the flue, the integrated stove should be as close to the flue as possible to reduce the impact of the flue length on our multiple cabinets.
Table surface installation: the mesa on both sides of the integrated stove should be properly lengthened by about 5mm during processing. After arriving at the installation site, accurate length grinding shall be carried out in comparison with the actual products. In this way, the gap between the table top and the integrated stove will not be too large.
There should be no gap between the back of the integrated stove and the wall. The countertops on both sides can be made into two independent pieces during processing, but after installation, the gap between the integrated stove and the wall should be closed with surplus materials, and the mesas on both sides should be connected at the same time. Avoid things falling under the cabinet through the gap in the back.

Installation precautions of integrated stove
1. The integrated environmental protection stove is required to be installed in a well ventilated kitchen, and the air inlet hose should not exceed 2 meters. The back plate of environmental protection stove should be no less than 5cm from the wall to facilitate air convection inside the machine. (because atmospheric gas stoves, infrared gas stoves and induction cookers all need cold air to replenish the interior of the machine in time when they are working) this not only enables the integrated environmental protection stove to work normally, but also reduces the generation of harmful gases caused by insufficient combustion.
2. Because liquefied gas, natural gas and artificial gas contain toxic components and are easy to catch fire and explosion, personal injury and fire may occur if they are not used properly. Therefore, maintenance and installation personnel are required to pay attention to potential safety hazards.
3. Users of artificial gas should always clean the fire hole on the fire cover to avoid blockage. When using infrared gas stove, do not put the pot directly on the porous ceramic radiant plate, so as not to affect the combustion and damage the ceramic plate; if the ceramic plate cracks. Defects and air leakage should be replaced in time.
4. After the installation and maintenance are completed, the maintenance personnel must check whether there is air leakage at the gas pipeline connection of the environmental protection stove, and can wipe the detection part with soap foam. If there is bubble, it indicates that there is air leakage, and it should be repaired in time.
5. Before installation, the installation personnel should read the “installation instructions” and diagrams in the “user’s Manual” carefully, and design and install according to the actual situation of the user’s home installation site. Special tips: when installing the integrated environmental protection stove, the front must be 3 mm higher than the back, which is conducive to the drainage of the water collecting plate of the stove cavity. After the exhaust pipe is connected with the machine, it can only exhaust horizontally or downward, and can not turn to exhaust upward.

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