Happy China’s Valentine’s Day!

The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is Qixi, widely regarded as China’s Valentine’s Day.

Legend of Qixi Festival

Zhinu, the granddaughter of the heavenly queen mother, works to weave clouds in the sky, also known as cloud brocade Tianyi. The cowherd is a herding cowherd in the world. His parents died early and were abused by his brother and sister-in-law. He lived with an old cow every day, and his life was very hard.

One day, the old cow told him that the heavenly weaver girl would take a bath with her sisters in the galaxy, and told him to “steal” the feather coat of Zhinu. Without the feather coat, the weaver could not fly back to the sky and would be his wife.

On that day, the beautiful fairies went to the galaxy to bathe and play in the water. At this time, the cowherd hiding in the reed suddenly ran out and took away the weaver girl’s clothes. The panicked fairies rushed ashore, dressed and flew away, leaving only the weaver.

At the request of the cowherd, the weaver promised to be his wife.

After marriage, the Cowherd and the weaver worked and weaved together. They loved each other and lived a happy life. Zhinu also gave birth to a son and a daughter to the cowherd.

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Later, when the old cow was about to die, he told the cowherd to keep his skin and put it on when he was in trouble and would get help. After the old cow died, the couple took pains to peel off the hide and buried the cow on the hillside.

Later, one day, the queen mother was very angry when she heard that Zhinu “didn’t obey the rules of heaven” and “eloped” in the world, so she sent the heavenly general to arrest Zhinu.

God took advantage of the cowherd is not at home, seized the weaving girl.

The cowherd did not see the weaver girl when he went home. He thought of the old cow’s telling him that he would get help when he was in trouble. He quickly put on the cowhide and took two children to chase him out. The cowherd also flew to the sky.

At the critical moment when the cowherd was going to catch up with the weaver girl, the queen mother pulled out her hairpin and scratched behind the weaver girl. The scratch became a turbulent river of heaven. The cowboy can’t get through any more.

From then on, they could only look at each other across the river, weeping day and night. Now the two small stars beside Altair, known as the pole star, are said to be a pair of children of Cowherd and weaver girl. Finally, the real feelings of the Cowherd and the weaver girl moved the Magpies in the sky. Every July 7, they plucked their beautiful feathers and built a rainbow bridge to let the couple meet in this night.

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