Greasy pot lid is not easy to clean? Try these three tips!

How to clean the oil on the pot cover?
1. Carrot cleaning method
After using the pot cover for a long time, it is always covered with oil. What would you choose to scrub it? steel ball? Rags?
It’s better to use it – carrot head! That’s right! It’s carrot head! It’s a good tool to wipe the lid of a pot!
Use carrot head to wipe directly on the pot cover, you can clean the greasy pot cover very well, because carrot juice can decompose and absorb oil, and will not scratch the pot cover. Next time, use carrot head to wipe the pot cover before throwing it away!
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2. Baking soda and flour cleaning method
If the oil on the lid is heavy, you can choose to use baking soda and flour to clean. Baking soda is known as a universal cleaner, so the effect of baking soda cleaning the lid is also very good, and baking soda and flour cleaning effect will be better, because flour has a strong adsorption capacity. Mix baking soda and flour together to make a paste and evenly spread Wipe it on the lid of the pot, wait for a few minutes, wait for baking soda and flour to absorb the oil on the lid, then wipe the baking soda and flour with a rag, and then wipe it with a wet rag, you will find that the lid is very clean.

3. Steam cleaning method
As the name suggests, steam cleaning method needs steam. Some friends will ask how to use steam? In fact, it’s very simple. If you don’t believe it, keep reading.
First of all, you still need to use detergent, pour it on the pot cover and wipe it evenly; then buckle the pot cover on the pot with clean water; wait until the water boils quietly, and after a few minutes, you can turn off the fire when you find that the oil stain softens and turns white. Take off the pot cover and wipe it with a cleaning cloth; and you will find that it is very labor-saving and not difficult to wipe it.

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Post time: Jan-15-2021

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