Do you know how to care for your kitchenwares?

Set up a dish rack to save sanitation
Many families are used to putting the washed dishes and bowls together in the kitchen cabinet, which is not conducive to the ventilation and drying of dishes. The newly washed dishes are stacked up and easy to accumulate water. In addition, the kitchen cabinet is airtight and not ventilated, and the water is difficult to evaporate out, which naturally breeds fine bacteria. Some people like to dry the dishes with dry rags after washing dishes. However, there are many bacteria on the dishcloth. This seemingly “clean” method is counterproductive. In addition, the dishes stacked together, the bottom of the last bowl of dirt all stained on the next dish, very unsanitary.
After cleaning, the dishes are placed vertically and the bowls are buckled on the shelf. The dishes can be dried naturally, which is not only convenient but also hygienic.
Chopsticks have the most direct and frequent contact with the mouth, so they should be well ventilated and dry when they are stored. However, some people put the chopsticks in the kitchen cabinet or in the airtight plastic chopsticks barrel after washing. It is better to choose a chopstick barrel made of stainless steel wire with good air permeability, and nail it on the wall or put it in a ventilated place, so as to drain the water quickly. Some people are used to build a clean cloth on the chopsticks to prevent dust. In fact, as long as you wash it with water before use, the cloth will hinder the distribution of water. In addition, it is not advisable to put the kitchen knife in an airless drawer and knife holder. The same should be done with a good air permeability.

Kitchen utensils should be placed in a ventilated and dry place
According to Dr. Philip tarno, a clinical microbiology expert at New York University Medical Center, bacteria like warm and humid environment. In closed kitchen cabinets and dark corners, bacteria breed a large number of Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, etc., which are easy to contaminate food and cause intestinal diseases and other discomfort.
Therefore, all kinds of kitchen utensils should be kept in a good sanitary condition. In addition to doing a good job in cleaning, the storage environment is also very important, and its basic requirements are ventilation and drying.
More with a high spoon and shovel
Long handle spoons, spoons and spatulas are good helpers in cooking and soup making, but many people are used to putting these utensils in drawers, or in pots and frying spoons with lids, which are also not conducive to keeping them dry.
If the food residue is not thoroughly cleaned and stored improperly, the bacteria will propagate in large quantities and even form mildew on the surface of the cutting board.
To solve these problems, we may as well carry out a small revolution in the kitchen: install a strong cross bar between the wall cabinet and the kitchen cabinet, or in a convenient place on the wall, and install a hook on the cross bar, hang the cleaned spatula, spoon, egg beater, vegetable basket, etc. on the above, hang dishcloth, dishcloth and hand towel at the end far away from these appliances A stronger hook is attached to the other end of the cutting board to hang it. Using this method, but also make the kitchen clean, all kinds of utensils are easy to handle, can be said to have more with one stone.

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Post time: Jul-09-2020

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