Cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel electric kettle

1. To prolong the service life of the kettle, the mineral deposits in the kettle should be removed on time.

2. When cleaning, be sure to turn off the power first.
3. Please do not invade the kettle base into the water.
4. Mix the vinegar and water in a 1: 2 ratio and pour into the kettle, then turn on the power, let the kettle work and wait for it to automatically power off.
5. Leave the mixed liquid in the kettle for 24 hours, then pour the mixed liquid back into the water to the previous position, and then turn on the power.
6. After cooling, the water in the pot will be drained away, and the scale will be taken away. Finally, clean the inside of the pot with clean water. If necessary, please repeat the above operations.
7. In the process of using the electric kettle, if a fault occurs, the pot should be taken out of the heating pan, the water in the pot should be poured out, and then allowed to cool to normal temperature before the fault detection and cleaning.

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Post time: May-09-2020

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