Can I put stainless steel utensils in the oven?

Can I put stainless steel utensils in the oven?
1. Stainless steel material has a low temperature resistance of 5 or 6 Baidu, and the higher temperature of household oven is only more than 200 degrees, which is Pediatrics for stainless steel. And the real stainless steel is non-toxic, so make sure your basin is stainless steel. Oven is physical heating, stainless steel products are not affected, just like the stainless steel pot on the fire.
2. Stainless steel pots can be put into the oven. The temperature of the oven will not affect it. Many special cakes are made of stainless steel. It’s better to put a layer of oil on the mold first, and then spread a layer of cake paper.
3. Generally speaking, the physical and chemical stability of stainless steel 4xx series chromium and 3xx series chromium nickel at oven temperature (250) is certainly no problem. If it is a stainless steel vessel with complex shape or not designed for heating, it may be deformed due to the process of heating and cooling.


What kind of utensils are suitable for the oven?
Generally, the containers put in the oven are mainly made of metal materials with good heat transfer effect, such as enamel bowl, enamel plate and metal grill; stainless steel plate can also be put in, and attention should be paid to the yellowing of stainless steel after high temperature, which is not easy to clean; porcelain bowl can be put in in principle, mainly because of the slow heat transfer of porcelain, which is unfavorable to barbecue; it is recommended to use the original machine with the baking plate, etc.
Must be temperature resistant, generally metal, silicone rubber mold is no problem. Plastic can’t do it. General ceramic plate is not recommended to put into the oven, local heating may crack.
Note: there is a difference between oven and microwave oven. Their heating principle is completely different, and the utensils used are also different. The oven is usually heated by heating wire or electric heating tube.
Microwave oven is heated by microwave. Microwave oven can be used: high temperature plastic products (usually marked for microwave oven), glass products, porcelain bowls, not metal products such as stainless steel products.


These kinds of utensils and food that cannot be put in microwave oven!
Metal utensils: metal utensils can’t be used in the microwave oven, as we all know, because when metal is heated, it will produce electric sparks to reflect the microwave, which will damage the microwave oven and can’t heat food. Its metal iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and so on, any metal products can not be used, including tin foil can not be used.
Many paper bags and paper cartons are now used for environmental protection. But when heating food, do not put the paper bags together in the microwave oven, because when the temperature of the microwave oven is too high, the paper is easy to burn, leading to a fire in the oven. So when heating food, it is best not to use paper bags or paper package food, especially when baking sweet potato, pay attention to safety, it is best not to use paper package.
Ordinary plastic bags and ordinary plastic utensils: because ordinary plastic is easy to decompose and emit a kind of chemical poison under high temperature, food is easy to be polluted by poisonous substances in ordinary plastic bags or ordinary plastic utensils. Therefore, for your health, please use special microwave plastic utensils to heat food.
Milk with boxes or bags and all kinds of similar drinks: because most of the packaging boxes or bags are made of paper or plastic, they are easy to deform or expand after heating, which will make the liquid inside the packaging boxes or bags leak. The cause is harm and loss. So need to heat milk and drinks, the best choice poured into a glass, and then heated to eat.
Some foods should not be directly put into the microwave oven: if the whole egg is heated in the microwave oven, it is easy to burst, and the vegetables with meat skin and fungus should not be heated in the microwave oven, because it is also easy to burst. When heating, you can put the vegetables in a container with a lid. The lid should be pressed or tightened, otherwise it may crack.
Water free food: water free food and flour are easy to damage the microwave oven when they are heated, because when the microwave oven processes food, it is through the “resonance” phenomenon of water molecules in food, and the heat generated by collision and friction between water molecules. Therefore, food without water molecules can not be heated, and it is easy to damage the microwave oven.

Post time: Jan-07-2021

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