Advantages and disadvantages of electric kettles

Advantages and disadvantages of electric kettle
1、 Plastic electric kettle
Plastic electric kettle is the first to appear on the market, they are made of plastic material, is the use of a long time electric kettle.
1. It is easy to clean, light, with various colors and styles, especially suitable for decorating rooms.
2. The price is cheap. Compared with the other two products, plastic is relatively cheap at present.
3. Boiling water is fast and convenient. Generally, it can be boiled in 5-10 minutes by plugging in the electricity. This is also the common advantage of all electric kettle, which is much more affordable than using bottled water dispenser.
1. Can plastic electric kettle produce toxic substances at high temperature? This is what we are worried about. In fact, the plastic electric kettle produced by regular manufacturers uses food grade plastic, which generally will not produce toxic substances. However, some irregular manufacturers do not use food grade plastic. It is hard to say whether the long-term use of food grade plastic will produce toxic and harmful substances. Therefore, consumers should seriously purchase and do not covet cheap purchase of poor quality plastic products.
2. The service life of plastic electric kettle is not as long as that of stainless steel or ceramic.
3. The grade of plastic electric kettle is a little lower, which is not suitable for use in more formal occasions.
2、 Stainless steel electric kettle
At present, stainless steel is the most widely used product type in the electric kettle Market, which is also very popular with the public.
1. Stainless steel material will not produce any toxic and harmful substances, consumers can generally rest assured to buy.
2. Stainless steel shell is durable, beautiful and elegant, especially suitable for hotels, hotels and other public places. It’s for public use
3. Stainless steel electric kettle is also a kind of durable small household appliances. It can be presented to friends, relatives and friends as a gift, which is both affordable and classy.
1. The ceramic kettle will produce scale after a long time of use, so it is troublesome to remove the scale.
2. Single color, relatively bulky.
3. The heat conduction is serious. After the water is boiled, be careful to touch the shell when using it. If there are children in the home, it is recommended to place it in a place out of the reach of children and boil water.
3、 Ceramic electric kettle
Ceramic electric kettle is a new favorite in the electric kettle Market. It is fashionable and artistic. It can be made into various beautiful shapes and draw various beautiful patterns. In the future, it may become the most popular member of the electric kettle family.
1. High grade, ceramics are generally used as arts and crafts for appreciation. They are made into electric kettle with exquisite tea sets and elegant and convenient tea drinking.
2. There are many styles and colors of ceramic electric kettle. For example, blue and white ceramic electric kettle is very popular in the market. Buy home is a good furniture decoration crafts.
3. Ceramic products are innocuous and easy to clean.
1. Ceramic products are brittle, so they should be handled with care. Do not hit or collide with each other. Otherwise, the pot body will be damaged, the appearance will be affected, or the service life of the product will be shortened.
2. The price is relatively more expensive.

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