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Electric Knife Sharpener: the rotating shaft of the electric knife sharpene is equipped with a circular grinding material, which is generally referred to as the grinding head.

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The electric knife sharpener is generally built-in small direct / AC motor, which is connected to the 220 V commercial power through the transformer (i.e. power adapter). It is also compatible with 220 V / 110 V, which is basically universal in the world. In addition, the adapter is usually 12V, so the product with vehicle power adapter can be used conveniently in the car.
The rotating shaft of the electric knife sharpene is equipped with a circular grinding material, which is generally referred to as the grinding head. The materials used for grinding tool head include ordinary grindstone or alloy chip. Electroplated diamond and special ceramics will be used for high-grade products. According to the different requirements of the fineness of the grinding tool, the electric sharpener can also be divided into one-stage grinding head design and multi-stage grinding head design. Generally, the design of multi-stage grinding head includes two parts: rough grinding and fine grinding. The fine grinding part uses high-precision ceramics and diamond powder with more than 600 mesh.
The service life of the electric cutter grinder mainly depends on the quality of the motor and the wear resistance of the grinding head. The relative life of the motor is longer. The grinding head is generally defined as the loss part. At present, the products produced by most manufacturers adopt integrated structure, which leads to the whole machine scrapped once the grinding head is damaged, which is neither economic nor environmental protection. It is gratifying that the newly launched electric knife sharpener has begun to adopt the design of replaceable grinding head by brand manufacturers. Such products have higher cost performance.
How to use?
Generally, turn on the power supply of the electric tool sharpener, turn on the switch, and the grinding head will start to rotate. Put the tool head into the grinding edge, contact with the grinding blade, pull back to the knife angle along the blade curve with uniform speed and constant force, and the process is about 3-8 seconds (ordinary steel knife 3-6 seconds, ceramic knife 4-8 seconds).
The knife can be sharpened by repeating it several times.

    Decription: Electric Knife Sharpener
     Size: 21.5*6.5*6cm
    Material: PP+Grinding wheel
Packing : color box




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