BPA Free Blue Light Home Appliance Heat Resistant Glass Electrical Kettle

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Glass electric kettle can make water boil fastly. Coz it’s power is 1500w. Besides, the handle is anti-scald. It is very safe to hold it.

  • BPA Free Glass Electrical Kettle: High quality borosilicate glass to make kettle resistance acid and alkali
  • Heat Resistant Glass Kettle: Advanced device can make tea leaf seperate from water, and it is easy to clean
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    Glass Electric kettle is made of high borosilicate glass and food grade stainless steel. As we all know, high borosilicate glass is a kind of special glass material. It has excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and good stability. Therefore, the kettle is 100% BPA Free, ensuring satisfactory comfort and safety.
    In addition, the teapot is equipped with a stainless steel base, which can undertake any water drop when boiling. The appearance of kettle is also good, with a transparent bottle body, it looks more delicate and beautiful, and the boiling process is clear, healthy, visible, and easy to clean.
    Besides, the rapid boiling technology is used with 201 stainless steel base. The power of electric kettle in our plant is 1500W, and the speed of boiling water is much faster than that of traditional stove kettle
    When the kettle starts to heat the water, the blue light can be on, so don’t worry about forgetting! Once the water boils, the indicator light goes out. Automatic temperature controller, when the water is completely boiled or dry burned, the hot water kettle has a built-in automatic closing function to prevent accidents. The glass electric kettle with safety technology has the top constant temperature technology. Automatic shut-down and dry burning safety protection product life.
    It is the electric kettle you are most looking forward to, a healthy and friendly electric heated teapot, and the best choice for your family.

    Material:  201 Stainless steel + borosilicate glass
    Power: 1500W
    Capacity: 1.8/2.0L
    Modle: SK-G29
    Packing: Color box with pearl cotton
    Advantage: 1. The lid can take off, with steel filter net
      2. 360° cordless electric jug
      3.Made of high-quality 201 stainless steel
      4.Stylish design
      5.Easy to use and clean
      6.Concealed heating element
      7.Boil dry protection
      8.Automatically turns off when water boiling
      9.On/off switch with light indicator
      10.Detachable power base
      11.Cord storage

    Production capacity

    At present, we ship more than 8-10 containers every month. And the annual production capacity was evaluated as: 600 containers.
    The pictures for shipment and production listed as below:


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